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Angel Mother Taylor Blanca's Story

My name is Taylor, I'm 26 and from Upstate NY. When i became pregnant with our first set of twins we were in awe, having no clue where the twin gene was coming from but, we were so excited and they were already so loved. I had minor complications during pregnancy ie: Placenta Previa, Anemia, severe dehydration, etc. None of those things ever lead us to believe we would lose one of our sweet girls. Our daughter Peyton passed away at 25wks gestation. With no warning or any inclination as to why, we were devastated. After losing Peyton, Lilly stopped growing and tried to make her grand entrance two times herself, which both times had to be stopped. Finally, at full term, I delivered both of the girls. The doctors didn't have an answer as to why we lost her and we just accepted it. 


Shortly after, there came Elisha (pronounced Eli-jah). Elijah had a great pregnancy. Very easy baby, very active and coming to complete our family. At 38wks 4days gestation he was active, happy and healthy for the last scan before being induced. Two days later, at the hospital to be induced, we found out Elisha had no heartbeat. Devastated for a second time, labor was induced and Elisha was delivered. The most handsome boy. After the autopsy, we found out Eli passed away from a very rare infection that had been in his amniotic fluid. 


Fast forward to January of 2016. We took a test and found out we were pregnant, again! What I thought was going to be excitement actually turned out to be devastation. The first thing blurted out of my mouth was "what if this baby dies too" while sobbing. Shortly after, we found out we were pregnant with another set of twins. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Automatically I wrote the pregnancy off. I checked out mentally. In Feb of 2016 I miscarried the first twin. In March, I miscarried the 2nd. I delivered both babies so the fetuses could be tested. 


In conclusion we found out I have an over production of UNKS  (uterine natural killers)  my body attacks the pregnancies as if they're foreign and dangerous and essentially doesn't stop until the pregnancy is terminated. On top of the UNK condition, I also have an incompetent cervix. I am able to do treatments for both conditions which I have been doing but they are painful and mentally time consuming so I had to take a break. We miss our babies every day and I don't know when I'll ever be ready to try again. 




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