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Support After Loss

Losing a child is the hardest thing anyone could go through. Although the body may heal quickly the heart and mind takes time, love and support. We are here for you.

Losing a child before or after birth is life changing and difficult to recover from especially if you feel alone and misunderstood. You may feel nobody understands your hurt, disappointment, anger or frustration but please know that the Mothers of Unborn Angels community understands and we are here for you.


One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage and over 20,000 babies are stillborn in the US yearly. Regardless of the cause of your loss, it is our hope that you are able to find comfort here on our site or through any of our social media outlets. It is very detrimental for you to be honest about your feelings towards the loss of your child or children so that you can properly heal and not simply mask your true emotions that could cause a bigger emotional breakdown.

Miscarriage and infant loss affects entire families and everyone grieves differently. Some may grieve openly and some may grieve in private in efforts to be strong for others but please don't take lack of a visual display of hurt as the lack of care or concern. Some people that you may love dearly will simply not know what to or what not to say to comfort you but it doesn't mean they care any less. We strongly suggest examining different ways to express your grief until you find those that are most helpful for you in your process of healing.

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