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Angel Mother Marie Schroeder's Story

This is my daughter Maya Marie Schroeder born at 36 weeks on January 5, 2017. She was 3lbs and 15 ounces our first child, we didn’t know the gender until I had her we wanted it to be a surprise. On December 29th, 2016 which was my last doctor’s appointment I had. On this day they found I was releasing protein(signs my kidneys are functioning properly) and my blood pressure started to rise(these were signs of preeclampsia). It raised an eyebrow for my doctor but she told me that weekend to go get blood work done, so she could see if it was a lot of protein I was releasing, she says they would have the results by Tuesday January 3rd (and if they didn’t call me by then to call them).


So December 31st, 2016 I went to the a doctor’s office to have blood work done and had to wait to give them a sample at the same time. So I was waited 2 hours at that place because they were so busy. January 3rd comes around I called at 11:00am to see if they had my blood work in because I was anxious to know if I was okay. Nothing yet, so I called again at 2:00 hoping there was something in for me they said they had the results but they haven’t been looked over, to give them a few hours. Okay no problem, so I called around 5:00 and my doctor still has not reviewed my results so by now their office is about ready to close and I get a call at 6:30 that I am releasing too much protein that I needed to be under 24 hour surveillance, my doctor wanted to know now how much protein I was releasing. So now by this time the place I needed to get the container from closed already and now I am sitting waiting till tomorrow.


January 4th arrives, and I get up get ready for work and mid-morning go to the doctor’s office to get the container and monitor everything while I’m at work. So now I’m back at work it’s time for lunch at 11am. I realize my baby hasn’t moved a lot today, but I figured she just didn’t like what I ate for lunch or is just tired. So I went home and made supper now I was really starting to worry because she hasn’t moved hardly so I ate an ice cream hoping that would get her to move. Then I fall asleep and wake up and was mad at myself because I don’t know if she moved while I was sleeping. I go to the bathroom and realize something is severely wrong. My entire stomach is in complete pain all over. The feeling is too much to handle that I think I am going into labor so I tell my husband you have to take me to the hospital.


Finally we get there and I get off the car in a lot of pain and the nurse ask me my name and I tell her. I tell her I am going to pass out. She asked for my name a second time and I am in so much pain I yell at her and said I just told you and this guy nurse is like let me get you a wheel chair, he tell the nurse I am taking her up to labor and delivery. I get up there they tell me to get in the gown and they grab the heart monitor for the baby its faint. They can’t get a reading with the belt. They try a hand monitor they still can’t find the heartbeat. They order a rush ultrasound , meanwhile I am in pain screaming and they can’t do anything for me until they get that ultrasound finally she arrives. She tries to find a heartbeat and realizes she doesn’t have one. The nurses talk quietly and say I am sorry but there’s no heartbeat.


They get me pain medication to ease the pain and I fall asleep. I am in and out of it for hours as they continue to monitor me and give me more medication. The anesthesia ask me if I want an epidural he says I have a 50/50 chance of it working and not working. So that worries me and I don’t take that risk I just go through this terrible pain. I finally have the urge to just push at 7cm. At 5:32am Jan. 5th our daughter Maya came into our world silently. The doctor told me after I delivered her there was a blood clot at the end of the placenta. My placenta had abrupt and the pain I was feeling in my stomach was my body fighting her off, because she was no longer considered living. My heart broke that day because the day she was born, was the day I was supposed to have my last ultrasound.

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