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Angel Mother Kelisa Shelby's Story

October 17th...My heart shattered into many pieces. Went to the doctors office for a regular checkup only to be sent to the hospital for an elevated blood pressure and not locating my baby's heartbeat. Life hit me when the doctors confirmed that our baby had no heartbeat. She was our first! A surprise gift from God since we didn't plan our pregnancy. The most hurtful part was to still deliver her. Her lifeless body...still she looked so peaceful. Chocolate like her daddy, his nose and lips with my hands and feet. 1.4 lbs... so small. I became angry. Out of the four cousins who ended up pregnant in the same year (not planned) I'm the 1 in 4 who loses her child. But God doesn't makes mistakes. I'm taking it one day at a time healing from the loss of our beautiful daughter. We will try again some months from now 2nd pray that our future pregnancy will be a success, but there will only be one Lyric Corrine. We love you baby girl. May you rest in heaven till we meet again. #Motherof1Angel

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