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Angel Mother Deanna Callahan-McGhee's Story

When I was 17 weeks I decided to get a blood test to see if my daughter had any deformities. About a few days later they told the tests came back abnormal and I had to get an ultrasound asap. I was so scared and had a gut feeling something was wrong. My mom and fiancé went with me to the ultrasound I was so nervous. Took about 30 minutes for the results to come back. They said her hands and feet were webbed together, she only had part of a brain, her lungs would never fully develop and that she had an enlarged heart and would only live a couple hours if she went to term.


At that ultrasound they couldn't tell the gender. But we decided a very hard decision to terminate the pregnancy. Took 3 days. 1st day was to fill out paperwork and go over things. Second day was putting in the dilators and the third day was the procedure. I was in so much pain from dilating. I asked the doctor if she could tell me what the gender was if she would let me know and she said yes. I was sedated so I wouldn't remember anything about the procedure. All I remember was her telling me to scoot down to the edge of the bed and being in the waiting room after. But then she came and told me that the baby was a girl. Broke my heart that I could not save my baby girl. Mommy and daddy loves you Layla Nicole. Watch over me, mommy, daddy and your brother or sister.

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