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Coping With Infant Loss

  • Take your time - There is no time limit on healing after the loss of a child and or children. Never allow anyone to box you into a time frame. Take as much time as you need but always move forward on your journey to healing, try not to become complacent in your grief.

  • Be honest with yourself -  Many times you may find yourself telling others you're fine when deep down you're not. Never lie to yourself or try to mask your emotions because bottling them up will eventually backfire on you and those around you. Being honest to yourself allows you to face your pain as well as heal and grow from it.

  • Don't forget your partner - Rather you are the man or the woman try to be mindful that your partner also lost a child. Most men grieve away from their significant others in an attempt to show strength and allow the women in their lives to grieve as openly as they want without having to worry about them. Men tend to internalize their grief and try to suppress it but it doesn't mean they do no not care. Women are quicker to show their hurt through emotions and may even seem to be up and down a lot as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of their child.

  • Share your story - It is from our experience that sharing your story can play a major role in healing and combating the emotion of feeling alone. It helps to simply be able to get it all out and for one to feel as though someone other than them understands what they are going through and how they feel. We at Mothers of Unborn Angels offer angel moms to share their stories anonymously share their stories anonymously us on all of our social media outlets which allows other angel moms to show support and encouragement to each other. You may also share on our forum.

  • Seek help - Losing a child takes a huge toll on you emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically so there is nothing wrong with seeking therapy or counseling to sort through your emotions. You do not have to go through your loss alone.

  • Never be ashamed - Never be ashamed that you once carried an angel in your womb. You shouldn't and don't have to be silent because others are uncomfortable especially when you are hurting.

  • Remember your angel - There are many different ways to remember your angel. Some angel parents do balloon releases, candle lightings, graphics, tattoos, personalized items with the angels name or due date. You can also create an memorial box to include all items from your pregnancy. There is no right or wrong way to remember your angel; do what is comfortable to you.

  • Don't blame yourself - As hard as it may be please do not blame yourself. Things of this nature are completely out of your control.

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