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About Us

Mothers of Unborn Angels LLC was created in December 2013 as a support group to serve as a safe haven for all bereaved parents whom have suffered the loss of a child/children prematurely through miscarriage, SIDS, still born and many other illnesses or causes. 

Mothers of Unborn Angels LLC goal is to provide a safe platform for the parents to express their raw, true emotions as well as tell their stories of their beloved angels through our social media outlets as well as our all new forum board. In doing so, many parents have the option to include pictures of their deceased child/children which may be hard for some to see and be considered very graphic but we feel that it is very detrimental for all Angel Parents to be able to share their stories without facing criticism.

Mothers of Unborn Angels LLC was founded by fellow Angel Mother Ebony Brown after she suffered her fourth miscarriage. Ebony felt it was her duty to provide the emotional support and understanding that she herself did not receive after suffering multiple miscarriages. She wanted to ensure that no mother or father felt alone while dealing with their grief while also bringing awareness to pregnancy and infant loss.

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